My name is Pat `gbangs´Giles I am the Co-Founder and Art Director for Gbangs Architectural Illustrations studio.
I am originally from Australia but like many Australians I have a natural curiosity and desire to wander. I have had the pleasure of immersing myself in various cultures around the globe from Uluru to Korea Town. I currently live in Central Portugal with my partner Filipa and our son Tiago. I love this region of Portugal. It holds many opportunities to experience authentic moments that remind me of the truly desirable things in life. Plus, the light is stunning at any time of year.
I have personally been working in commercial creative industries for 25 years. I have had the truly unique opportunity to experience collaboration and creativity in multiple fields such as music, film and theatre. I began my obsession with arc viz about 8 years ago. I studied Architectual Technology at Los Angeles Trade Tech. I then went on and worked in the Australian based Multi Award Winning Architectural practice MJA studio as the in-house visualiser.
The creative brief changes with every project. Understanding where I can inject value to the project is the cornerstone of my process.
I like to take the time to really understand what my clients want and why they want it. Typically, the images we create are designed to move the viewer in some way encouraging the viewer to take a particular action.
As the studio Art Director I hope we can keep finding interesting ways to express a human experience within a digital environment. I love the work. I love exploring the narrative I want to keep finding ways that we can inject value into our projects. As part of our more boutique service I am personally touching every image that we create
For me the biggest milestone is our returning customers. I'm proud that people get value out of the service that we offer. We take the images very seriously. Everything is considered. I love that our customers can see that and enjoy the result from it. 
Historically the projects that we work on have been very well received in the marketplace. We play a small role in making that happen however it's not possible without great design. I have been very lucky to work with exceptional designers. When architects request us it's a great feeling.
We take projects at any stage of development and work with the stakeholders to reach a shared goal. We try to make the process as simple and fun as possible.
I hope to chat with you soon.

Thank you!
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